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You're viewing Betrayal at Krodor Cheat Codes

Game Name : Betrayal at Krodor
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-05-04 11:32:49
Views : 15361

  Here are the chapter passwords, potions, and everything else you'll need to beat the game:On the overhead map, hold down the ALT-Right SHIFT and ~ (the tilde) for about three seconds, and a chest will appear. Each chest contains the items needed to finish that chapter, and an option to heal all characters. Just use the cheat trick, in conjunction with these level codes, and you can beat every chapter: Chapter 1: 6478 Chapter 2: 9216 Chapter 3: 7702 Chapter 4: 2132 Chapter 5: 5052 Chapter 6: 0680 Chapter 7: 0194 Chapter 8: 4743 Chapter 9: 9995 To strengthen yourself a bit, here's another trick. On your way to Elvandar in Chapter 6, there's a well which, when you add Fadamor's Formula to it, can increase your characters' strengths by three points -- permanently. To find it, follow the main road to Elvandar. Just before the road dead-ends, you should find the well (use spyglass of Ishap). The trick is that when you use the well with the formula, it takes all of the formula you have with you so that you can only do the strengthen trick once. But if you leave all but one dose in the bag in front of the well, use the well, then take another dose from the bag, you can use the well again. Every time you repeat this process, both Owyn's and Gorath's strength increases by three.

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