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You're viewing Mortal Kombat Cheat Codes

Game Name : Mortal Kombat
System : Sega CD
Date Added : 2005-02-03 11:47:52
Views : 36162

Cheat menu
Press Down, Up, Left(2), A, Right, Down at the title screen. Select the "Cheat Enabled" option to access the following features:

P1 Win: Kill player two with one hit
P2 Win: Kill player one with one hit
Moon: Silhouettes appear in front of the moon
Dads: Strange player names
Green: Reptile appears before each match with a message
Lives: Unlimited credits
Flag 6: CPU does fatalities after winning two rounds
Turbo: Faster game play
Blood: Blood mode

Blood mode
Quickly press Up, Down, A, B, C, Left(2), Down, Start during game play.

Green Sub-Zero and Scorpion
Press Start on controller two during a match with Reptile. Sub-Zero and Scorpion will turn green at the player selection screen.

Fight against Reptile
Enable the "Cheat menu" code and turn on the "Moon" and "Blood" options. Begin a match on The Pit stage and defeat your opponent with a double flawless and no blocks. Additionally, a fatality should be used to complete the patch, but do not use an upper-cut. When this is accomplished, your fighter will begin the next match against Reptile at the bottom of The Pit.

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